Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tour de Avion

Hey folks,

This story is about 2 harmless cretur called as Ali And Nirav.
how they finished up their degree.
how they wer fighting to get a good job?
And finally they got job and runnig to the diff diffrnt cities like a dog.

and finally one of them settled with good job and another one is still waiting.
ther is no diffrence in the life both of them still runnig here and there.

so story begins hold your nervs and take ur seats and tie ur seat belts...........................

on 6th of december 2004 the two unemployed young dashing boys wer on the way to avion office for the intervw. these two begger wer so desperat for the job that they wer ready to do anything for one job. both of them having good refrences and the luck too. both got selected .

now the tour starts...................
the first sight wher both hav to report was ghaziabad 30 km away from delhi.
we reched ther on 8th of dec 2004 at 11 am . with hungry and unflushed stomach.
had travelled the whole day and our team leader told us to come in the night .
we had already drained our energy in travelling. then after long discussion we decided to go.

We both reachd d site dat was in jungle somehow we rechd der. After reching der we saw big equipments are aligned and already lots of pepl wer working on it.
ali saw dat and told me dat ,nirav how r v goin to learnall dis , wat is al dis?and lots and lots of question........ i was also not aware of anything i had also seen dat equipment for d first time...
But as usual my habit ..... i told him wid very calm voice main hoon naa.....i will teach u all..............but my soul was only knowing dat i dont know anything as well.............

on dat day we iniially saw whole plant and tried to kno wats going on and tried to make frends who can teach us...........
On dat day we put cables frm 2nd floor to 1st floor. that cables wer too heavy and so long dat we both can not put one single cable .but some how we finishd up all dis and finnaly we got room in d hotel wher v relaxed.........on next day same hactic work...........i was completly shocked that we r enggnr and putting cables and doingd things which can b done by any non teckni person also..............but ali was d only moral boosting detrmination........he was allwas telling me dat we will do it for 6 months and den we will go for some operator company.....and also we wer nothaving our results we wer waiting for dat as wel......

AFTER DAT WE wer pushed to kanpur wher we found one team leader DILIP K.B.

That guy was always boosting our moral and became our idol.
in kanpur we wer leaving in gest house which was ok...cut food was oh YYYYeeeeeKKKKKKKK.

In kanpur we found lots of pepl and became more detrmined for what we wer doin...
frm der we pushd to patna............

KAnpur To PAtna
we hired a qualis to go to patna frm kanpur.
and as usual kahani mein twist. Everybody in kanpur wer trying to scare us dat route to patna is very dangerous. u will get lot of Dakoos on dat rout and finnally we decided to go der was urgency in was 2.00 oclok at midnight dens fog and temp outside was 0 degree . v all wer literaly so scared dat we wer not able to think wat r v doing.... den our driver decided to go wid truck groups, slowly slowly we wer moving towards patna at a speed of 2km pe hour. suddenly we heard dat sumo which was just ovetook us was attcked by dakus n we all we praying our gods and as usual ali ki fat rahithi.............

finally we reachd patna safely but wat v we seeing der all d political parties wer planing der campaign for election. and outsider wer in servellence of police. somehow we got a hotel and started our workon d 5th day one ministers son got kidnappd and police calld cerfew in d city n on dat day wetr moving towards d site .

wat we saw is dat der was 2 gang throwing stone bottles full of kerosene and petrol.pepl wer fired all d police jeep. and we got held up in between .

i was thinking dat i wont come again here . dis is d worst place we had ever visited..

So finally say com towork on site der wer so many issus dat no experts is coming to site , wrong floorplan and material shortage .

somehow we managed n finally work started. den after 2 month 3 foreigners came to our site.
and we both wer performing nice.........we learnt a lot der.

NOW onfinal days ofproject alin myself both wer went to diff project .
on dat day we wer heard dat lucent project is over n ali is moving to lucent project n dat is d last.
n i was staying inpatna i was cald to orrissa .
And suddenly My fon rung and i was calld to bombay..And ali was working on deinstallation project in banglore reliance.

N i joind in erricson project for MTNL in mumbai.........

den ali went tojaypur for again on lucent project and iwas puttingall my contacts and recrences to go to jaypur.....on ril project....

finally i came to jaypurder we found very nice expert Mr. RAjesh he taught us lot....we learnt lot and we heard dat Lucent is recruiting10 pepl for CDMA project and we both wer on dat run to get selected.....

finnaly we reachd mumbai and intrws wer goin to b held up in logiteck park at andheri.

we both wer prepared for intrvw after 4 hours of wait i went for intrvw.
intrvw was good but as god was on som diff .......

we wer at our avion office we wer haering dis dat got selected. me n ali both wer waiting to hear final decision frmour boss. but we didnt get any good news...

on next day i was in d office n everybody was saying oh nirav will get srlected dat is for sure.
But d final name came out was